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''FA: Aine Egan - 20 September 2020; BB: Vince Egan''
''FA: Aine Egan - 20 September 2020; BB: Vince Egan''
= Location: =
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[[Test geographic coordinate:: 32°42′54″ N, 117°9′45″ W]]
  -24.009854, 30.005~[[Mohlapitse Valley]]~ ~ ~ ~[[Mohlapitse Valley]]
= Access: =
= Access: =

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ma-Kgopa Crag

Ma-Kgopa Crag.jpg

This is the first crag to be climbed in the Mohlapitse Valley. The crag ranges in height from a single short pitch to 2 pitches.
You'll need a vehicle with high ground clearance to get there - the gravel road is not great. Parking is a short walk from the crag.
Sectors are described here from left to right when looking at the crag.

Pinnacle Sector:

Dream Snatcher (17?, 7 draws, 14m)

Follow the bolts to the left of an overhanging bulge and follow the open book to a large ledge. Beware the large loose overhanging block to the right of the line, above the second bolt! Continue up the open book through an obvious slot to the rings. Use two 60cm slings on the top anchors to avoid rope drag when top-roping.
FA: Bron Egan - 2 August 2020; BB: Vince Egan

Picnic Sector:

Art and Sole (18?, 8 draws, 17m)

Climb through a bulge and move right and up, following the line of bolts. Be careful of Z-clipping at the second bolt! Climb to the rings above. Climbing is sustained for the first 3-4 bolts, with the crux section(s?) low down. FA: Aine Egan - 20 September 2020; BB: Vince Egan

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