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Climbing TypeSport, Multi-pitch Sport, Trad
Rock TypeQuartzite/Sandstone
SeasonAll year round
ProvinceWestern Cape

Montagu is recognised as one of the most outstanding climbing destinations in South Africa due to the quality and number of climbing routes available. Montagu’s rock walls offer a wide variety of climbing opportunities at every level from beginner to expert. The charming town of Montagu is situated in the Klein Karoo (semi desert region) on the east side of the Langeberg mountain range 2 hours / 200km drive east of Cape Town. Montagu is well known for it’s hot mineral springs as well as climbing and mountain biking.

About Montagu

Once a sleepy little Karoo town where not much happened, the town has since transformed into a vibrant energetic holiday destination. Montagu’s hot springs were first documented in the late 1700′s. The hot spring water comes out at 43° C from a fissure estimated to be 3km deep and is unaffected by drought. In 1877, Thomas Bain built the Cogmans Kloof pass and the tunnel that trade began to develop the area. Between 1902 and 1985 the Brink Brother’s enterprises were of major significance to the town. Their activities included general dealers, bottling works, canning factory, dried fruit production and a department store. In 1936 Montagu was declared a health resort. This resulted in an influx of wealthy people purchasing holiday houses.

The Weather in Montagu

It rarely rains in Montagu (except for the occasional freak floods When Cape Town has bad weather, Montagu normally has perfect conditions for climbing.

Driving to Montagu

From Cape Town, get onto the N1 towards Paarl. You have the choice of taking the tunnel (toll is R26.00) or driving over the pass which is very scenic and recommendable in good weather. Once on the other side of the mountain (you’re now in Du Toits Kloof) keep on the N1 until you pass the Shell Ultra City. Turn right and follow the signs to Robertson and then through Ashton and then onto Montagu. Be aware of speed traps in the towns (60km zones) and sometimes in the kloof before Montagu.

Accommodation for climbers in Montagu

There is accommodation in Montagu to suite any budget and style. There are two campsites in Montagu as well as many child & pet friendly self-catering holiday rentals, bed & breakfasts and hotels.

Montagu Restaurants, Pubs & Supermarkets

There are a few supermarkets in town (e.g. Spar) and restaurants in & around Montagu.

Other Activities in Montagu

Besides the great climbing, there are many other fun things to see & do around Montagu.

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Classic Routes

  • The Gospel Express (17)
  • Nuclear Waste (20)
  • Wildcard(24)
  • Thruster (26)
  • Daze of Thunder (27/28)
  • Cool Like That (29)

Montagu Area Map

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Montagu Bolting Information

To avoid any further Altercations with land owners and incorrect equipment being used, the Montagu Mountain Committee (who are responsible for the Montagu Reserve) have asked for applications to be submitted before a new route is bolted.

Applications here:

Montagu Climbing Areas

Bad Kloof

Bad Kloof , “Bath” Kloof in English is the kloof between the Montagu Hot Springs towards the West side of Montagu. The are more than 20 individual crags and over 130 routes from which to choose.

  • Berlin Wall
  • Jurrasic Park
  • Laundry
  • Lion Said
  • Peanut Gallery
  • Pipeline
  • Playground
  • Rage
  • Sloth
  • South Park
  • Supertubes
  • The Hotel
  • The Swamp
  • The Palace
  • Uriah Heep
  • Waterworld

Bosch Kloof‎

Bosch Kloof has 10 crags and 97 Routes. You MAY climb at: Legoland & The Far Side & The Panel For now, Please NO Climbing at: Bosch, Ramset, Hilti, Forest, Twin Fins, Skull

  • Legoland,
  • The Far Side
  • Ramset Crag - ACCESS FORBIDDEN
  • Forest Crag - ACCESS FORBIDDEN
  • The Panel Crags
  • Matrix

The Farm (Climbing on R62)

Climbing on R62 is approx. 9km out of Montagu and has both sport and trad routes.

Cogmans Kloof‎

Cogmans Kloof is the kloof (gorge) which you are driving through when you are on the R62 road from Ashton to Montagu. There are many opportunities to climb on either side of the kloof, the most obvious being Cogmans Buttress, the Steeple and Bold & Beautiful Crag.

Donker Kloof‎

  • The Cauldron
  • The Scoop.

Guano Caves

Keur Kloof‎

Coming from CT side – About 200 meters on right after you drive through the tunnel (with an old British fort on top). The are 7 individual crags and over 40 routes from which to choose. There is also a lot of scope for new route development.

Lost World‎

Oorlogs Kloof‎

There are several crags in Oorlogs Kloof with +/- 40 routes. There are also a number of trad routes. Most of the walls are north facing (best visited when the weather is cooler), but some are in gulleys and a few face south (all day shade). The routes vary from 8-30m long and from slabs to overhanging walls.

  • Buttock Buttress
  • Maverick Wall
  • Meatloaf Wall
  • Wildcard Buttress
  • Le Pique-nique Area
  • Snark Buttress
  • Cowboy Area
  • Cuts Both Ways Area
  • Tower of Babel
  • Canasta Buttress
  • Seamster Buttress