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Climbing TypeSport, Multi-pitch Sport, Trad
Rock TypeQuartzite/Sandstone
SeasonAll year round
ProvinceWestern Cape

Montagu is 2 hours / 200km drive east of Cape Town. Montagu is the most developed sport climbing area in the Western Cape. 100's of sport routes of all ranges of difficulty. +/-400 Single Pitch & a good few Multi-Pitch Sport Routes.

Online Topos for Climbing in Montagu

Classic Routes

  • The Gospel Express (17)
  • Nuclear Waste (20)
  • Wildcard(24)
  • Thruster (26)
  • Daze of Thunder (27/28)
  • Cool Like That (29)

Montagu Area Map

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Montagu Bolting Information

To avoid any further Altercations with land owners and incorrect equipment being used, the Montagu Mountain Committee (who are responsible for the Montagu Reserve) have asked for applications to be submitted before a new route is bolted.

Applications here:

Montagu Climbing Areas

Bad Kloof

  • Berlin Wall
  • Jurrasic Park
  • Laundry
  • Lion Said
  • Peanut Gallery
  • Pipeline
  • Playground
  • Rage
  • Sloth
  • South Park
  • Supertubes
  • The Hotel
  • The Swamp
  • The Palace
  • Uriah Heep
  • Waterworld

Bosch Kloof‎

  • Legoland,
  • The Far Side
  • Bosch Crag
  • Ramset Crag
  • Forest Crag
  • Hilti Crag
  • Skull Crag
  • Twin Fins
  • The Panel Crags
  • Matrix

The Farm (Climbing on R62)

Cogmans Kloof‎

Donker Kloof‎

  • The Cauldron
  • The Scoop.

Guano Caves

Keur Kloof‎

Lost World‎

Oorlogs Kloof‎

  • Buttock Buttress
  • Maverick Wall
  • Meatloaf Wall
  • Wildcard Buttress
  • Le Pique-nique Area
  • Snark Buttress
  • Cowboy Area
  • Cuts Both Ways Area
  • Tower of Babel
  • Canasta Buttress
  • Seamster Buttress

New Routes

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