Ngopane (gaMashashane)

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To date there is a single easy 45m trad line up the crag and an easier scramble off the back of the crag from the route's top-out.

1. Mma-mogašwa (11, trad) Opened in a single 45m pitch on double ropes, this line follows the right hand crack on the south-eastern side of the crag to a point 20m below the summit. To get down, scramble under the boulders to the left at the top of the climb and scramble down the steep gully on the crag's eastern side (to your right as you exit from under the boulders). Vince Egan & Ed McLenaghan - October 2009


Ngopane is a granite spire, about 70m in height, to the north-east of Wellington's Dome. The crag is in the middle of the village and the general reception there is friendly and chilled out. <googlemap version="0.9" lat="-23.931936" lon="29.125271" zoom="16"> </googlemap>


Access is currently being negotiated via Kgoshi Mashashane - watch this spot for details!