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== Overview ==
== Overview ==
[[File:Harrismith guide 21.jpg]]
[[File:Harrismith guide 21.jpg]]
Mt Everest from Ostrich Egg Parking Area
Mt Everest from Ostrich Egg Parking Area
*1.  Ostrich Egg Boulder
*1.  Ostrich Egg Boulder

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Take the road that runs along the base of Mt Everest. Just before you reach the High Ropes structure on the right you will see the Ostrich Egg just off the road on the left. This distinctive, oval boulder has a flat, overhanging, red face on the right as you view it from the road. You can park 20 metres from it! The first three routes described below are on the side facing the road. The next three are on the overhanging, red face and the rest are around the back of the boulder.


Harrismith guide 21.jpg

Mt Everest from Ostrich Egg Parking Area

  • 1. Ostrich Egg Boulder
  • 2. Bonni Boulder
  • 3. Gypsy Crag
  • 4. Pocket City Face


Harrismith guide 20.gif

1. Unknown (20) 5D ** FA: Unknown Follow the bolts up the blunt arête on the left-hand side of the boulder as you look at it from the road.
2. Eggstacy (16) 5D ** FA: Cathy O’Dowd (1993). Bolted by Clive Curson. Start near the middle of the east face. Climb straight up to a prominent flake or horn. Pass it on the left and then head right for the chains at the top of the next route.
3. Shells (13) 5D *** FA: Fran Botha (1993) Start off a small boulder at the right-hand side of the face. Climb up through the big scoop above.
4. Cholesterol Bomb (23) 6D *** FA: Peter Lazarus (1993) Climb the overhanging jagged arête on the left of the flat, overhanging, orange face on the NW side of the boulder. Pity this climb is not 20 metres longer!
5. Just Yolking (26+) 6D *** FA: Gilles Benier (1994). Bolted by Grant Murray. Climb the line of bolts near the centre of the overhanging face. Some of the holds near the top have broken off and the route may now be significantly more difficult.
6. Green Eggs and Ham (23) 6D ** FA: Grant Murray (1994) Climb the line of bolts towards the right-hand side of the overhanging face.
7. Sunny Side Up (19) 5D ** FA: Mike Cartwright (1993) Start just to the right of the slight corner at the right-hand edge of the overhanging face and climb straight up. Two hard moves off the ground lead to easier climbing.

Note: The anchors are badly located over the top of the climb and cause severe rope-wear when lowering. To avoid this, use long slings on the anchors when top-roping and then arrange the rope so that the last climber can abseil off.

8. Over Easy (18) 5D *** FA: Grant Murray (1993) Start just to the right of the previous route. Step up off the block and climb the steep face by starting up the stem of the Y-shaped crack line. Move up the left-hand crack line at the fork and continue up to the chains. This line uses the anchors at the top of the previous route - see note above.
9. Omelette (20) 5D ** FA: Mike Cartwright (1993) Start to the right of the previous route and climb up just left of a sort of rounded arête.
10. Young Chicks (23) 5D * FA: Peter Lazarus (1993) Start just right of the previous route and grovel up the rounded arête.