Seamster Buttress

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Alt Oorlogs Kloof
Seamster Buttress
Alt Oorlogs Kloof
Seamster Buttress Approach

This newly developed crag is situated high up the hill to the right of the Snark buttress, approximately half way between Snark and the obvious shield at the top of the ridge, and is recognisable by its distinct cricket bat shape.


It is best to first walk up to the Mischief and Thuggery area. From there walk across the slope and slightly up, to what look like the obvious scramble, to get up to the height of the base of the buttress. You will find a fixed line up the scramble (you can hand over hand up this but it’s best to use a jumar and sling).
At the top of the fixed line walk down the ramp for ten meters and you will come to the base. Alternatively you can first walk to Snark Buttress and from Snark walk straight up the hill till you come to the fixed line.
Like Snark, it gets late afternoon shade.


  • 1 Seamster 29 (7c+) [10B]. The left hand line. You can step onto the shoulder at 2/3rd height. FA: Clinton Martinengo Jan 2013.
  • 2 Seamstress (closed project) [10B]. The right hand line. FA: Clinton Martinengo Jan 2013.

More route Potential

If you can climb 29 the Seamster is well worth the walk-in. It is recommended to stick clip the first bolt - it will be obvious why once you are there.
There is a stick left up at the base.
There is a beautiful looking seam on the wall just to the right that’s begging to be bolted and climbed. I think it will go at around the mid 20s; it’s up for the taking.