Shark Fin

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THE SHARK FIN: This is the large sea stack between the 4th and 5th Headland. To exit from the top: down climb Sea Urchin onto the platform. Climb off the platform on the DM side, on the sea end. Wade or balance across slippery rocks at the bottom. Yes… obviously at low tide.

12. Access Route – 15 G.Peckham & D.C.Marshall 03/07/2002 (T) Start by stepping off the block on the land ward side at low tide. Climb up a few meters then traverse along the line where the shale meets the dolerite on the seaward side. There is a large safe platform on the seaward side from which to belay. All the routes can be reached DRY by using this route.

13. Barracuda – 14 G.Peckham & D.C.Marshall 03/07/2002 (T) Up the prominent crack on the land ward corner of the DM facing wall.

14. Sting Ray – 15 G.Peckham & D.C.Marshall 03/07/2002 (T) Thin crack 4m R of Barracuda.

15. The Mobsters Lobster - 12 D.C.Marshall & G. Peckham 03/07/2002 (T) Up the loose line on the DM corner of the seaward face.

16. Sea Urchin – 10 G.Peckham & D.C.Marshall 03/07/2002 (T) The obvious line in the middle of the seaward face. Also the down climb.

Straight up the landward face has not been done & you should. Would be >24 Then in the same cove as the Shark Fin; there are no routes on the wall on the Morgan Bay village side of the cove. Looks like hard stuff on solid rock, thin pro...

25 Nov '09 - There is a bolted project on the Double Mouth side of the 5th Headland. Should go at +-26. Not sure on the state of the bolts...not good by now. Please open it! We placed anchors on a line just to the R...this would go at 29...or so.