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Climbing TypeSport
Crag GradientOverhanging & Vertical
Walk in20 mins
Crag AspectMorning Shade
ProvinceWestern Cape
SectorBad Kloof

Sloth is in the area called Bad Kloof in the town of Montagu. The walk in is +- 15 mins and the crag gets morning shade. There are 10 bolted climbing routes SA grades 9-25.

Sloth crag is quite a popular crag as is has a nice range of routes and the crag base is stable (in that it never gets negatively affected by flooding). This crag has morning shade, easy access and is very child friendly.

Sloth Crag Routes from Left to Right

1. Sunshine Reggae 15/5b 7 Bolts / 9 Bolts FA. S Brown. 2002. The first route on the left side of the crag. If you are doing the multi-pitch, then take care when abseiling down, as you will need to back-clip down to the first stance.

P1: 20m 15 [7B]; P2: 20m 14 [9B]. Ab down left chains for middle stance OR Ab down right chains 40m to ground.

2. One For The Money 17/5c 5 Bolts FA. S Brown 2002.
3. Rattle and Hum 24/7a 5 bolts FA. S Brown. 2002.
4. Beautiful Day 25/7a+ 5 Bolts FA. J Orton. 2002
5. Sloth 25/7a+ 5 Bolts FA. J Samson. 1996
6. P1:If I Stay There Will Be Trouble

P2:If I Go It will Be Double



14 Bolts

9 Bolts

FA. S Brown. 2002. The long right slanting route in the shady middle of the crag.

If I Stay There Will Be Trouble 23 [9 Bolts] ends at mid chains.

7. Throw The Chicken 9/4 5 Bolts FA. S Brown. 2002.
8. Mediocre Youth 21/6b+ 4 Bolts FA. M Smigelskis
9. Two For The Show 17/5c 5 Bolts FA. S Brown. 2002
10. Vision Thing 23/6c+ 12 Bolts FA. S Brown. 2003