The Alley

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You can walk to the Alley from De Bos. This takes about 20 minutes. Either walk down the river or follow a higher (good) path along the mountainside. Either way, the last part of the walk-in involves a steep hike up the hillside on a bad path to get to the Alley.

This is a great crag for summer as it is mostly in the shade.

Riverside crags topo.jpg

  • Routes
  • Open Project
  • A Bronx Tale 26 [6B] Craig Bruton
    Originally (in less PC times) named Gutter Slut
  • The Woodstock Saints 25 [5B] Craig Bruton
    Originally named Gang Rape
  • True Romance 24 [6B] Deon Hugo
  • Romancing the Stone 23 [6B] Deon Hugo
  • Hired Hands 23 [6B] Steve Downing
  • Baseball Bat Treatment 28 [6B] Guy Holwill
  • Zero Tolerance 25 [4B] Craig Bruton
  • Lolita 18 (on the slab on the facing the main wall)
  • Slag 18 (on the slab on the facing the main wall)
  • Gutter Slut 26
  • Fatal Beating 25
  • Forced Entry 27
  • A Slight Mugging 24
  • Blunt Instrument 25
  • Necessary Rape 27
  • Elephant Hitman 24