The Terrace

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General Info

CBD 'The Terrace' Boulders are on the slopes of Table mountain just above Tafelberg Road. It's ideal for having an after work session and enjoying a variety of good problems in the lower grade range. Slightly higher than Bright lights so better views. The walk-in is very short and the path is good.

Guide book/ Topo

No guidebook available yet, but there is a PDF (Topo) on the web, ask the other boulderers for it.

Getting there

From Kloofneck traffic circle/ interchange, drive . Parking/ Path starts here: -33.950603, 18.408304

Walk in is 850m.


Bouldering is possible all year round.


Terrace path.jpg General Area Terrace.png


Boulder H: The Terrace

[GPS: -33.952057, 18.407618]

H boulder.png

  • H1: Flying Circus (6C) FA: Scott Noy
    Sit start on the larger of two underclings below a small roof, throw to a good edge for LH and top-out.
  • H2-A: Deception Guaranteed (5A)
    Sit start with LH on a fat side pull and RH down on a red edge, moving slightly left, RH to an in-cut edge and then LH out to a side-pull in the crack.
  • H2-B: Chubba Wubba (5C/6A) FA: C. Tooze 06/06/17
    Sit start with LH on a fat side pull and RH down on a red edge. Climb directly up on edges to top out.
  • H3: Knopkierie (6A)
    Sit start with BH on a white knob, move up to an edge and TO direct.
  • H4: Starfish Aliens Ambush (5B)
    Sit start under the roof with LH on a small slopey edge and RH on a big slopey edge, RH to a pinch above the lip, then move out left to a small dish on the lip and finish up the slab.
  • H5: Atlas' Heavy Burden (5B)
    Sit start on a big ledge right of H4 and TO direct.
  • H6: Kaula Highway (6A)
    Start as for H5 and traverse left along the lip and finish as for H1.
  • H6: Life of Brian (4)
    Sit start on a low ledge, RH to the rail and then LH up to a jug side-pull.
  • H7: Sensation Seekers (6C) FA: Scott Noy
    Sit start high in the rail, move up past a pocket to a side-pull and TO direct.

Boulder G

[GPS: -33.952275, 18.407332]


  • G1: Alterverse (5A)
    Sit start with LH on a slopey ledge and RH on a fat pinch.
  • G2: Cosmic Chaos(6A)
    Sit start in pockets and TO direct.
  • G3: Kwela (6C+) FA: Gareth McAllister
    Start as for G2 and climb diagonally right to an edge rail higher, TO direct. Large grips above the start are off.
  • G4: On Your Back, and Up Your Ass (6A)
    Sit start on a layaway, move up to an edge and TO direct.

Boulder J

[GPS: -33.952338, 18.407373]


  • J1: Master Fornicator (7A+/7B) FA: Scott Noy
    Sit start on the rail, move straight up to another edge rail and TO.