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The biggest bouldering area in the Cape Peninsula . There are more than 25 sectors contained hundreds of problems spread over the large exposed area surrounding Steenberg Peak. The boulders are easily accessible thanks to the many paths that cut across the mountain side.

The climbing

The climbing of all grades (2-8a+) ranges from technical slabs to burly roofs and is on bullet hard sandstone with good friction.

Getting there

Directions for most areas: From the M3 take a right then left onto 'Ou Kaapse Weg'. Just over the top of the col turn LEFT into the Silvermine Reserve parking (R5 parking fee or Wildcard). There is a few obvious boulders 5 mins from the parking but a local guide (see Contact) or topo is needed to find the better more obscure sectors. The walk-in is depending on section is 5mins or an hour.

Guide Books/References

Guy Holwill's TOPSIDE guide was the first 'real' topo to the area but is now sadly out of print. Stewart Noy will be detailing the whole of the Cape Peninsula's bouldering in a soon to be released guide...


This is a pristine environment and therefore leaving your trash is NOT acceptable! There are LARGE fines for littering! This includes toliet paper which is very unsightly. Please use existing paths and do not create new ones. N.B. Do NOT climb on fragile holds soon after the rain as the rock becomes brittle when it absorbs moisture. PLEASE brush off excess chalk which can clog the holds and spoil the natural friction as well as tick marks which can cause serious access issues!