Valken Buttress

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Like Barrier Valken Buttress has two sides: West and South facing with a vague arete in between. The West Face is dominated by a 3m horizontal roof which spans over 25m of the wall, beneath which is a large orange slab. To confuse us this is called Barrier Cave. on the left side of this is a smaller tea cave.

Approach: as for Barrier, take the Kasteel Poort path until it cuts a steep ravine between Valken and Kasteel. Take this Ravine until a left path is found which ultimately goes on via Valken to Barrier.

Descent as for Barrier the easiest is to walk down between Barrier and Valken then take the abseil to the base. Alternatively you could walk over and take Kasteel Poort down, but its not clear which is easier as they are both straight forward.

Valken Crag ** F1 D.M. Carter, B. Fletcher, L. Scoble

A pleasant route with a disjointed top section. Start: about 6m left of the tree at the start of Valken Face.

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