White Rock

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White Rock

White Rock Adventure Lodge is situated 840m above sea level. It is near the base of a massive granite outcrop called Witkop Mountain.The mountain forms part of the crocodile gorge mountain range. This is in the sub tropical area of Lowveld Mpumalanga. It is part of the Croc River Mountain Conservancy. The Conservancy offers lush indigenous vegetation. This includes Amazing bird Sightings and Wildlife on your doorstep! And so much more.

Getting there

From Nelspruit take the N4 heading towards Malalane for 14km until you reach the turn of marked Uitkyk towards your right. Follow this gravel Road for 9km, then take left at stand number 28. Follow the drive way up until you reach the marked climbers parking on your left. Park here.


You can arrange great accommodation at the lodge follow this link for online bookings and enquiries http://www.whiterocklodge.co.za/ or contact 071 376 7285

Access rules and Arrangments

The crag and parking etc. is private property and the owners right of admission is reserved. Any individual making use of this access arrangement agrees to the conditions stated below.

Entrance fee is R30, this gets you access the the crag and pool for a swim after your climb.

Please pay the entrance fee and sign the visitors book upon entrance.

Please note:

Individuals enter this area at their own risk. Climbing is consider a high risk activity and can result in serious injury or even death. The owners take no responsibility for any harm or death that results from individuals accessing and using this property, and fixed climbing protection including damage or loss to private property due to theft, fire or any other cause whatsoever You are responsible and accountable for your own safety and must not endanger those around you. Report any sign of danger or unusual wear on bolts to the owners at the lodge. No dogs are allowed at the crag.


From the parking take the path on the bottom of the pool area, in the general direction of the crag. Here you will find a path leading through some trees. Follow this path until you reach a cairn. Here the path splits in two. 1) The path on the left will take you to the bottom section of the crag and base at Wussy Ladder. 2) The path on the right goes along the base of the tree line. It will start to head left and through the tree line after about 300m there is another split the path on your left will take you to the center of the crag or straight up, to the top right section. The first route you see will be Two dodgy bolts.

Climbing Routes

Routes are described from left to right

1) Super Mario 13***** B15

Traverse line that starts at the step ladder in the far left of the main crag and continues across the face towards the right side of the crag. The Travers can be reached from by most of the climbs....

1.1) Pitch 1 Yoshi 11 B15

Start at the ladder climb up to the shelf the start the traverse out right until you reach the belay stance above Leviathan Pitch 1 FA: Raymond Gates 2021

1.2) Pitch 2 Bowser 13 B15

After pitch 1 continue traverse out right and around the corner. Step over the crack and onto bolder where you will find second belay stance FA: Raymond Gates 2021

1.3) Pitch 3 Not your Princess 21 B11

From the stance step up a few large blocks to reach a grass ledge from here climb up the chimney feature until it runs out the belay stance is slightly to the right of this

1.4) Pitch 4 Free life 16 B9

From a hanging belay, slight down climb and then traverse further out right until you reach a break that takes you up right to the next large belay ledge.

1.5) Pitch 5 Magic Mushrooms 10 B10

Down climb one for the first two bolts and enjoy very easy climbing on a large ledge to reach belay stance above WITH

2) Bles Bridges 19***** B21 35m

  Follow the base of the crag all the way left and around 
  the corner aprox 50m past WL. Super fun sustained climbing it gets flakey at the top. FA: Raymond Gates 2021

3) Leviathan 21*** B26 47m

Line goes up the open book crack line to the right of Bles Bridges. 47m route with midway chains and loweroffs best to climb in a single pitch to get the full experience. FA: Sean Cue 2021

4) Dragon 16*** B13 20m

This climb starts 1m right of Leviathan, fun climb to get 
the blood pumping. FA: Rachel Gates 2021

5) Beautiful Sky 14*** B11 20m

Climb starts 2m to the right of Dragel go straight over the 
bulge. FA: Sean Cue 2021

6) Behemoth 19**** B31 47m

Climbed the offwidth crack that starts aprox 25m up the route, route can be climbed in two pitches or you can make it back to the ground with a 80m rope make sure to tie in to the other end. If you climb it in one go don't clip into the loweroffs as this creates a lot of rope drag. FA: Rachel Gates 2021

7) Wussy Ladder 19* B12

Short route to the left of Zohan. Best to clean the rout on abseil. There is alot of rope abrasion so best not to top rope this route. Bolted on lead. FA: Raymond Gates 2021

8) Zohan 10*** B8

Short route to the left of enter the dragon. Rout goes up on the left of the crack and climbs on the outside of the bulge. FA: Chanya Gates 2021

9) Enter the Dragon 13 Trad A

Trad line takes the shallow crack up and over the bulge

10) Iron Ambition 20*** B11

Crack line to the left of mocking wasp. FA Raymond Gates 2021

11) How to kill a mocking Wasp 21**** B12

Open book route leading to the top arete under small tree, route is 30m to the left of Wet in that hole.

12) Wet in that hole 23 ** B15 35m

This route is in the middle section of the crag aprox 50m to the left of *Dusty hole FA: Raymond Gates 2019

13) Whiterock Rock Rocks 15**** B8 15m

The route is used as access route to upper level climbing pure good fun. FA: Sean Cue 2021

14) Fumble Funnel 22**** B11 30m

Climb WRR to gain access to the start of this route (It is also possible to link both pitches and climb as one route, climb in the channel to top out next to Wet in that hole. 

15) Jacoby Baardman 17*** B11

Route to the right of WRRR. Interesting start to a fun climb. FA: Rachel Gates 2021

16) In the Beningging 22/23** B10

Tough start then climbing gets better, try to stay on direct bolt line. Easier to the right. FA: Raymond Gates 2021

17) Jedi Mind Tricks 19** B9

Balancy start with a slight kick before you go into some easier climbing to the chains. Easier if you use the tree. FA:Sean Cue 2021

18) Closed Project

19) Closed Project

20) Closed Project

21) Dusty hole 19** B16 30m

Follows the line through the small roof. Route is long tie a knot. FA: Raymond Gates 2019

22) Cool Runnings 18** B17 30m

To the right of DH starts on the lower section of the base.  Route is long tie a knot. FA: Devin Nyschens 2019

23) Dodgy Veriation 17** B 30m

Follow the first 5 bolts of TDB then head up straight over the bulge to share chains with TDB. FA: Jan-Harm Pieterson 2021

24) Two Dodgy Bolts 18** 35m

Right most route of the crag after the 5th bolt go right to traverse for 4 bolts the head back left over bulge towards chains FA: Duncan Potgieter 2019