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The bouldering is 3km outside Alicedale (roughly 120km from Port Elizabeth and 60km from Grahamstown).

Please note the following mega important access arrangements:

The Alicedale boulders are private land. There are currently no access restrictions, but the farmer has requested that anybody bouldering at Alicedale contact him before going onto his property. He has asked that he be via the following coordinators:

Derek Marshall or 0836818713 | Dave Harding or 0810466152

Remember; this is private land & we don’t have rights to be there. Please take note of the following:

   *be mega polite & don’t inconvenience the farmer in any way.
   *don’t make fires, litter, play music or do anything stupid.
   *don’t damage the fence as you climb over
   *limit damage to plants, only where it is absolutely necessary to access a problem.
   *don’t interfere with any animals wild or domestic.

The Rock: Quartzite Sandstone mix The Weather: Summer: Hot and dry, but you can climb in the shaded areas in Area 2 or early mornings and later afternoons. Winter is the ideal season to climb all day long. Better friction, less rain and less bugs, but temperatures can still reach 30 degrees C A bonus of Alicedale is that, it might rain in PE or Grahamstown, but it has a very high chance of being dry in Alicedale. So take a chance and have a look. You are more than likely to be in luck.

Landings: Landings on a whole are reasonably good, but some problems will require more than one pad and spotter. Please be intelligent and be safe.

Walk-ins: Alicedale is ideal for lazy bums. For Area 1 & 2, if it takes you more than 7 minutes, then you must be in a wheelchair. (That‘s 7 minutes even if you get lost.)

Bugs: Ticks are a problem, especially in summer and after rains. Some insect repellent is advised. During spring, as the flower come out, so do the bees, in force. They tend to be quite aggressive. Otherwise there are spiders, snakes and scorpions out there. Keep an eye out.

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