Another Fckn Time 20 *****

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“Another Fck’n Time” 22

Pitch 1 40m 15

Start at the tea spot just left of the water collection system. Climb easy gray rock to a large ledge system at 40m.

Pitch 2 30m 15

Climb up diagonally left on gray and white rock and find a ledge to stance on more or less level and left of the deep fissure.

Pitch 3 30m 18

Climb diagonally up left on dark grey rock and head for the orange recess. Stem up this to the overhang and the crawl to the right and stance.

Pitch 4 25m 16

Traverse to the right into a recess and climb this to a ledge.

Pitch 5 58m 21

Climb the overhanging crack. Continue up a yellow pillar and then climb the crack system tending left to a narrow ledge. Move to the left into right facing dihedral and continue to the large grassy ledge. Sling the boulder on the ledge for a belay. (Nothing else really.)

Pitch 6 30m 21+

Use the rope and lasso the bollard about 4m above. Shimmy up the rope and leave long slings in situ for the second. Place good gear and crank steeply through the gap. (The dodgy looking flake that you have to crank on has been tested but use it with some care.) Continue to a ledge and continue up to another ledge which could be shady if you are early enough.)

Pitch 7 30m 16

Climb up left and continue up the parallel tram track cracks to a stance.

Scramble to the tippy top if you feel the urge.

Descent. Head down the gully to the right (west) to the ledge system level with top of pitch 5 and the top of the Divine Time Buttress. Walk west along the ledge system on the Extra Time/Fine Time buttress to the Zip Time Abseil.