Betty's Boulder

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This is just up the hill from the Picnic Boulder. The following routes were climbed by Gavin Peckham and Nicky Swart on 25 April 2003. These lines are unbolted at this stage.


Harrismith guide 11.jpg

  • 1. Doddle (07) *

Start on the uphill (Mooihoek) side of the boulder and doddle up the very easy, short slab on the left.

  • 2. Amble (09) *

Climb the jugs on the very short arête just to the right of 'Doddle'.

  • 3. Lithium (13) **

On the campsite side of the boulder the red rock is split by three recesses that diverge from a common start. Start under the central recess and then follow the recess on the left.

  • 4. Sodium (14) **

Climb the central recess.

  • 5. Potassium (14) **

Start below the upper part of the recess on the right and climb straight up to the top