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If you stand in the campsite near the foundation of the old, burned-out ablution block and look straight up the hill towards the high sandstone faces of the Slag Crag, then Comic Rock is the large boulder directly ahead of you, about half way up the hill towards the Slag Crag. To get there head straight up the hill aiming for a point about 10m to the right of the boulder. When you are at the same height as the boulder, turn left and walk through a hole in the fence to reach the front of the rock. The last three routes listed below are all facing the camp on the downhill side of the block. The first three routes are around the corner to the left of this. The routes were located, climbed and bolted by Gavin Peckham on 17 July 2005 as a part of an MCSA-KZN project to establish more routes in the lower grades for beginners.


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Topo Picture

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  • 1. Goofy (7) 2D

Climb the very short face on the uphill side of the left-hand face (facing uphill) - teach your grandmother to climb!

  • 2. Casper (8) 2D *

Climb the short line in the middle of the left-hand face.

  • 3. Charlie Brown (9) **

Climb the smooth left-tending scoop that runs up to the top of the boulder. This line will be bolted in due course.

  • 4. Spiderman (8) 8D ***

Start near the middle of the face on the downhill side of the boulder. Climb up tending left at first and then right all the way to the top. Good and consistent climbing at the grade.

  • 5. Garfield (10) 6D **

Start 1m to the right of 'Spiderman' and climb straight up to the chains which are shared with the previous route.

  • 6. Hagar (15) 7D **

Start about 1m to the right of the previous route and towards the right-hand side of the face. Climb straight up and pull through onto a ledge then climb up tending left to the chains.