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There are much better routes on TM. These are written up sake of completion.

KWEE stands for Kak Weather Everywhere Else, which is about the only time you would want to climb here, although the pub may not be a bad option. Since the routes are right off the contour path, be aware of people walking under you while climbing. These may have been climbed before by other stubborn people who found themselves on Tafelberg Road in a raging South Easter.

Location and access:

On the contour path just left of Union Ravine (looking at the mountain) and a fair bit right of Platteklip Gorge. Easiest access is to walk up from the public toilet buildings on Tafelberg Road ~20min.


1. Plausible Deniability (19)

Start in the corner and move up to a good rail. Traverse 1.5m right and then up sidepulls to a small ledge. Break through the roof and tend left to the top. Probably a bit vegetated.

R. Halsey and D Steyn, July 2013

2. Taming of the Brew (21)

Climb the short face to gain the base of the arête. Climb the arête and near the top use the face on the right.Tricky gear in places

R. Halsey and M. Thilo, Oct 2014

3. Passenger Liability (23)

The line follows the continuous widening crack (starting through a roof 5m up) on the left of the buttress. There is some loose rock low down in the corner, but you do not need to use any of it. Nice feature, but a bit of a grunt.

R. Halsey and D Steyn, July 2013

4. Dusk Buskers (24)

Start 2m right of PL. Probably best of the bunch.

Head up to a horizontal break. Using some large layback holds on the left and grips on the face to the right, gain a wide rail below the first roof. Make some tricky pulls through and over the roof and then follow good vertical cracks to the next break below the second roof. Pull though on good holds above and right of a thin crack on the underside of the roof. Continue straight to the top. Belay on convenient steps.

R. Halsey and D Steyn, 26 Aug 2013

5. Roadside Attraction (22)

Start 2m right of Dusk Buskers. Head up to the horizontal break below the lowest roof (with a finger crack on it’s underside that continues on the face above). Crank up to the next horizontal rail (medium cam) and move 1.5m right to a nose above the large boulders. Head up, and over the next bulge, tending left to finish up Dusk Buskers.

D Steyn & R. Halsey, 26 Aug 2013

6. Pitbull Ferrier (20)

Climb the short face, and past the left of a block to gain a thin vertical crack. Continue straight to the top.

R. Halsey and M. Thilo, Oct 2014

7. The Colour and the Feel (20)

Follow the thin vertical cracks. Aesthetic line, but a bit short.

R. Halsey & M. Bosman Aug 2016

8. Noisy Crow Knees (15)

Easy line to the right of the thin cracks in the face.

R. Halsey & M. Bosman Aug 2016