Criston Bank

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Criston Bank
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Climbing TypeSport, Trad, Multi-pitch
Rock TypeGranite
SeasonAll year round

Criston Bank is near to Harare and represents an excellent granite climbing area. There's over 50 routes written-up but still loads of potential for new routes and bouldering. The ethics have been typically to mix trad protection with bolts although there are some numerous pure sports routes.

Head north out of Harare on Golden Stairs (2nd Street) road (all tar). After the road toll (USD 1) drive for +/-6km and then turn right into Criston Bank village/ residential area. At the end of the tar (about +/-5km) park. There's a sign for a nature reserve on the right.

Walk for about 300m on the jeep track then turn right onto a small trail. After about +/-5 minutes (passing some attempted gold mining pits) you can see the main crag on the right.

See a recent article on the crag by Clinton Martinengo:

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