Katse Crag

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How to get there:

Cross the border into Lesotho at either Ficksburg or Caladonspoort you will need a passport. Then travel to Leribe, Pitseng and on into the highlands of the Maluti Mountains passing Ha Lejone and Ha Seshote, and on to the actual dam site itself. The road is tarred all the way to the Katse Village. To get to the crag from here travel back along the tar road for about 4kms to the turn off to Thaba Tseka, Six kilometres along this dirt road brings one to a small airstrip, with the crag in the river bed below the airstrip. Park near the airstrip and the cliff is a stroll downhill in the river bed. The crag is about 150 metres long and 20 to 25 metres high.

When to go:

The Katse crag is south-west facing and the climbing is in the shade for most of the day. The best time of the year is from September to May when temperatures are often crisp, and one can enjoy resting in the sun next to the river.

Where to stay:

Accommodation is available at the Katse Lodge in the Katse Village at reasonable prices, although you should probably book ahead of time (phone: 09266-910202, or fax: 09266-910004). One could also camp near the crag, but the water there is most likely not safe to drink. Remember that the nearest shops are in Ficksburg (3 hours away) so stock up on your way into Lesotho.

The environment:

The Sesotho people are very friendly and curious. They will often provide you with an audience when you are climbing - cheering and laughing when you fall off. You get the feeling that you are deep in the heart of Africa - the continual shouts of the herd boys and the sounds of their animals can be heard above the murmuring of the stream. In a previous age bushmen must have used this area for shelter because the base of the crag is adorned with their etchings. If climbing is not your favourite pastime there is plenty of hiking, as well as water sports and mountain biking in the area!



1) Wild Horses (20) G & A Lainis

2) African Litany (24) P. Schlotfeldt

3) Open Project (+/- 28)

4) Ancient Dust of Africa (23) P Schlotfeldt

5) Ancient Dust Direct (27) P Schlotfeldt

6) African Dream (30) P Schlotfeldt

7) African Sky Blue (28) P Schlotfeldt

8) African Enigma (31) P Schlotfeldt

9) Open Project (+/- 32)

10) Dance of the Bushman (30) P. Schlotfeldt

11) December African Rain (30) A. de Klerk

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