Mooihoek Mountain

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Please Note:

  • The route descriptions that follow are listed from south to north - Mooihoek, then Mt Everest and then Eagle's Head.
  • On each of the major peaks, the climbing areas are listed anti-clockwise (left to right) around each mountain.
  • Boulders that are more or less below one another on the slopes of a mountain are generally listed in an uphill sequence.
  • Individual routes are listed, with a few exceptions, from left to right on the main faces and anti-clockwise around each boulder.


Some great multi-pitch fun on the north facing slabs of Mooinek. These climbs are for winter or for cloudy summer days or evenings. Mostly slabby but with some climbs tackling some of the steeper corner sections. Some are trad, some sport, take your pick. Fight the Feeling is the original and still very popular. Indecent Exposure is the newest and possibly the best?

Overview Map

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