Mount Everest

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Please Note:

  • The route descriptions that follow are listed from south to north - Mooihoek, then Mt Everest and then Eagle's Head.
  • On each of the major peaks, the climbing areas are listed anti-clockwise (left to right) around each mountain.
  • Boulders that are more or less below one another on the slopes of a mountain are generally listed in an uphill sequence.
  • Individual routes are listed, with a few exceptions, from left to right on the main faces and anti-clockwise around each boulder.


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Mt Everest – Panorama of the Far Side and the Central East Face

1. Underwater Horse Mechanic

2. Heffalump Boulder

3. Ostrich Egg Boulder

4. Bonni Boulder

5. Beef Boulder

6. Gypsy Crag

7. The Entertainer

8. Something to Do

9. Pocket City Face

10. Deep Freeze Boulder

11. Sundeck Boulder

New Routes 2017

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