Muizenberg Buttress

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Many Multi Pitch Trad Routes (normally 4-5 pitches), Grades 14 - 23. 20 min walk up to crag. This is a multi pitch trad climbing area. The crag gets shade in the afternoon and is a good winter venue as it dries out quickly. There are excellent toprope problems above the tea cave.


Rack of friends and nuts, long slings usefull to avoid rope drag.

Getting there: Take M3 from Cape Town. Get onto Boyes Drive. The crag is located on Boyes Drive, just around the corner from the Lakeside Pinnacle. Park just before the large sandstone boulder on Boyes Drive (not far from one of the turnoffs back down to the main road. The path starts just left of the boulder.


To the left of the tea cave is a series of brown faces broken by broad ledges. Some oaf has painted large letters on one of them so it is impossible to mistake the basic line. When you get to the top, walk left and come down the ridge (as above)

Route Info

  • Great Sloth /20 15m
  • Wasted Direct /21 37m
  • All Bran /12 74m
  • Joker in the Pack /22 71m
  • Muesli /19 75m
  • Cornflake /20 30m
  • No Name Brand /14 97m
  • Snap /16 73m
  • Missing in Action /18 76m
  • Fool on the Hill /19 96m
  • Not Just a Pretty Face /13 127m
  • Jam Up and Jelly Tight /18 78m
  • Crackle /16 98m
  • Dancing on the Ceiling /25 20m
  • Agrippa /20 108m
  • Understairs /14 82m
  • Dilettante /18 98m