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Pocket City is a large, rounded face attached to the base of the main mountain. It is just uphill from and slightly to the left of the Deep Freeze Boulder – see photo on page 79. There is a good path which runs past the bottom of the face. The top of the crag may be reached by walking along this path to the right. It leads up between Pocket City and the Fatter Pillar and then swings around and back to the top of Pocket City.

Note: The owners of Eagle Rock sometimes run abseil sessions off the top of this rock. During these times climbing on Pocket City is not allowed

Some of the following routes have a steep start from ground level and then pulling up to a ledge before continuing up the face. If you like, these tricky starts can be bypassed by scrambling up on the right of the face to reach the ledge and then walking back left across it as far as necessary. The routes are about 25m long - make sure you don't lower your leader off the end of your rope!


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Route List

1. Rocket in Your Pocket (21) 10D *** FA: Clive Curson (1994) Start up the first two bolts of 'Pocket City' then move left and follow the most left-hand line of bots on the face. The climbing becomes thin and reachy near the top. The rightmost of the three anchors is apparently not glued in!
2. Pocket City (18) 11D **** FA: Clive Curson (1994) Start from a small boulder below the crack system on the right-hand side of the face. Step across left onto the face to clip the first bolt. The pockets start here. Pull through the overlap to where the angle eases - clip both bolts at the lip as the lower one is in dubious rock. Climb the pockety line to the left of the crack and continue up to the same anchors as 'Rocket in Your Pocket'.
3. Crack It (18) 12D *** FA: Clive Curson (1994) Step left onto the face at the bottom. Climb steeply up to the ledge at the base of the crack. Follow the crack up and right to where it peters out. Continue up the shallow corner above to a choice of anchors - the higher ones are not glued in!
4. Face It (19) 11D *** FA: Details unknown. Start 1,5m to the right of the crack. Pull through the bulge (crux) and then tend left and continue up 'Crack It'.
5. Zap lt (19) 11D *** FA: Clive Curson (1994) Start from the ledge about 3m to the right of the crack. Pull through a steep section below a shallow corner. This section has some deep one-finger pockets - it is possible to avoid using them. Tend left and then continue up 'Crack It' to the top.
6. Sock It (20) 9D *** FA: Clive Curson (1994) Clip the first bolt on 'Zap It'. Climb up diagonally right through the bulge using a three-finger pocket. Continue straight up to the anchors - the right-most of the three anchors is not glued in.