Slanghoek Amphitheatre

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Slanghoek Amphitheatre is on the north side of the Slanghoek Massif, a little distance east of the Goudini Spa. It is a huge amphitheatre, approximately 500m high. Currently it boasts only one route, A Private Universe, although at least one other line has been attempted. Details of the current access arrangements, approach, and other logistics are contained in the updated description of File:Private Universe RD Jan 2015.pdf.


A Private Universe

The original RD is here: A Private Universe.

In early 2015 the route was climbed by Gosia Lipinska and Douw Steyn and separately by Richard Halsey, Uwe Pitsch, and Warren Gans. We used the original RD plus updated RDs provided by others who had also climbed the route. We subsequently combined these sources with our own additional notes into our updated description which is here: File:Private Universe RD Jan 2015.pdf