The Far Side

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This section is on the eastern side of the mountain at the southern-most end - directly opposite Alternative Rock. There is only a single trad route here at the moment, but there is plenty of potential for new routes, both trad and sport.

Harrismith guide 17.jpg

1. Underwater Horse Mechanic (13) **

FA: Gavin Peckham and Greg Wooding (5 May 2001)

If you look at Mt Everest from the Reception side, you will see that the left-hand (southern) end of the mountain has two small buttresses before the main bulk of the peak. The left-most buttress is of no significance, but the one to the right is more impressive and has a large face that is steeply undercut and smooth. This makes any possible frontal assault rather tricky. On the right-hand side of the undercut face there is a broad, broken, vegetated ramp leading diagonally up to the right. On the left-hand side of the undercut face there is a narrow, tapering, vegetated ramp that also leads up diagonally to the right. Just to the left of the left-hand ramp, and set back a little, there is an attractive, clean slab. Start at the lowest point on the slab and climb up tending slightly to the right. Continue along this line, passing to the left of a small cave or large cubby-hole to reach a ledge. Move to the right on this ledge and around a slight corner for a couple of metres until it is possible to pull through the small overhang on big jugs. Perfect rock with good gear. Walk off to the left and descend down the obvious gully.