Worlds Apart

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Regula on Delete Button 26 at Worlds Apart, Bad Kloof, Montagu
Worlds Apart

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Climbing TypeSport
Crag GradientOverhanging
Walk in10 mins
Crag AspectMorning Shade
ProvinceWestern Cape
AreaBad Kloof

The Worlds Apart crag is in the area called Bad Kloof in the town of Montagu. The walk in is +- 10 mins and the crag gets morning shade. There are 12 bolted climbing routes SA grades 10-32. It is quickest to park at the Avalon Springs and walk in from there.

Daze of Thunder 7b+/27 was the first sport route in Montagu and has since become a classic.

Worlds Apart Routes from LEFT to right.

1. Reflections 25/7a+ 6 Bolts FA. R Suter. 1995
2. Total Reset 30/8a BB. R Suter / FA. Andrea Biffi. 2018 The extension of Delete Button
3. Delete Button 26/7b 6 Bolts FA. J Colenso. 1993
4. Yankee Rose 29/7c+ 9 Bolts FA. J Colenso. 1992
5. Voices 24/7a 4 Bolts FA. J Colenso. 1991.
6. Daze of Thunder 27/7b+ 7 Bolts FA. G Holwill. 1991.
7. Rise of the Machines/ Natures Way Project. 32/8b 7 Bolts <Open> ROTM opened (C Martinengo) on glue holds that have subsequently perished.
8. Whispering Echo 10/4 8 Bolts FA. S Brown. 2004.
9. Little Jack Horner 15/5b 8 Bolts FA. S Brown. 2004.
10. Kojak 18/6a 6 Bolts FA. S Brown. 2004.
11. Rolling Stones 24/7a 6 Bolts FA. M Jäger. 1992. Retro bolted by S Brown
12. Sukmeov 22/6c 7 Bolts FA. D Gawlowski. 1994.

Worlds Apart History

“Despite laughing off this crag as a complete bag of shit in 1989, Jeremy Colenso and I returned in 1991. Jeremy focused on the crack lines on the left of the wall where he opened two traditional routes, named Testing the Limits and Awakenings. I had just bought a drill and set to work on Daze of Thunder. The route originally topped out but the finish was forgotten by subsequent ascensionists. In 1993, Colenso returned to bolt crack lines on the left, the result was Delete Button which erased the trad routes.” *

  • History Credits – Guy Hollwill