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==Download PDF==
[http://www.climb.co.za/topo/pdf/ClimbZA_Blydepoort.pdf Download the Blydepoort Topo] NB: this is a 975kb PDF
'''New Routes:'''
OK Corral Pillar
Approach: Follow as per blydepoort PDF above for "OK Corral Crag", and head for large free-standing pillar, about 60m high. Best to walk past it and then ascend from the back.
The First or the Last (21, N, 3P)
P1 (21): Climb the broken layback/seam to a face and belay ledge. 15-20m
P2 (19): Head up the short layback crack and gain the top of the block after a small ledge. 10m
P3 (16): Traverse to the arete, then go straight up to top out on the pillar. 15m
Notes: P1 has no protection past halfway up. P3 is bold. Overall a bold and scary route. Take care! Take slings for leaving on top for abseil. Please post other known ascents as there are a few potential lines and slings have been left on top, not shown on PDF above.
FA: D. Willis and R. Kroger, 2009

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