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This kloof is on private land and climbing beyond Legoland has been forbidden by the land owner since March 2010, so please respect the rules.

Bosch Kloof Climbing Map

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How to get there

From Ashton/Cape Town direction: The large gravel parking area is just before the first bridge on the right.
From Montagu direction: Drive towards Ashton/Cape Town, about 1km after the tunnel you will see the large gravel parking area on your left just over the bridge.
There is no cellphone reception at this crag.


You MUST park outside the gate by the main road (R62). DO NOT under any circumstances drive in and park directly at the crag. You may obviously drive in if you are staying over night at the Tolhuis. This crag is on private land and climbing there is by permission of the land owner, so please respect the rules. The land owner has forbidden access the the crags in Bosch Kloof.

Bosch Kloof Crags


Vertical, 1 minute flat walk, Early morning shade & Late Afternoon shade This is one of Montagu's most popular crags due to the easier grade of routes and the 1 minute walk-in.
Legoland is child friendly and dogs are allowed. The crag gets early morning & Late Afternoon shade.

Legoland-far-left.jpg Legoland-chocolate.jpg Legoland-far-right.jpg

Legoland Rout List

Bosch Kloof Routes from the far LEFT of the crag towards the right (i.e. back towards the car park)

1 I Tink Not 12 6 Montagu Rock Adventures 2000
2 I Bewieve So 16 7 Montagu Rock Adventures 2000
3 I Bewieve So Direct 16 7 Jason Temple-Forbes 2002
4 The Rope Man 17 9 Deon Knipe 2003
5 The Missing Link 17 7 Stuart Brown 2003
6 Hey, Come On 19 7 Tony Lourens 1993
7 Persitence of Time 19 6 Derek Marshall 2003
8 Bon Giorno Bambina 21 11 Tony Lourens 1997
9 Bolt Your Bitch 22 3 John Terblanche 1998
10 Slap and Tickle 21 3 John Terblanche 1998
11 Crack Baby 18 8 Stuart Brown
12 Eddy of Bovidence 24 4 Prof. Steve Bradshaw 1993
13 Cheapskate Student 24 4 Craig Bruton 1998
14 Cleinous Hing 24 4 Ed February 1994
15 Baboons on the Roof 21 4 B Whitehead 2004
16 Caramel Roller Coaster 17 6 Stuart Brown 2004
17 Chocolate Speedway 18 6 Guy Holwill 1993
18 Life and Times of Mike Hunt 15 5 Guy Holwill 1993
19 Not with New Brim 15 6 Guy Holwill 1993
20 Oh My Goodness 18 4 Guy Holwill 1993
21 Mild Thing 15 4 Guy Holwill 1993
22 Easy Does It 16 5 Beth Higgins 1993
23 Pipe Dreams 18 6 Nick Matthews 1994

Legoland203 0373.jpg

The Far Side

Bosch Crag

Please note: The whole of Bosch Kloof is closed until further notice Posted 24 March 2010

Access is being negotiated, if you choose to sneak in for a climb, you will be putting future access at risk

Gd montaguboschcrag.jpg

Bosch Routes - Morning Sun/Afternoon Shade. If you carry on past Legoland and up the kloof, you will come to Bosch on your right. 20mins flat/uphill walk.

Bosch Route List

Bosch Kloof Routes from Left to Right

1. Just Another Roof 6b/20 (7B,C) FA: J. Fisher. 1992
2. Never Say Goodbybe 7b+/26 (6B,C) FA: J. Fisher. 1992
3. Latin Lessons 6b+/21 (10B,C) FA: J. Fisher. 1992
4. Partners in Crime 6c+/24 (7B,C) FA: S. Maasch. 1992
5. Me or My Girl 6b+/21 (9B,C) FA: S. Maasch. 1992
6. Master of Puppets 6a+/19 (10B,C) FA: S. Maasch. 1992
7. Beg, Borrow Or Steal Aka"Puppets On A Staaldraad" 6b+/22 (19B, C) FA: S. Brown. Dec. 2003 35m ! The route starts to the right of "Master Of Puppets" and crosses over at the fourth bolt and then carries on to the top of the crag. Lower to chains of "Me Or My Girl"
8. Something Nowhere 6b+/22 (6B,C) FA: J. Fisher. 1992
9. Sanatorium 6a+/19 (8B,C) FA: S. Maasch. 1992
10. Trille In Die Bos 20/6a+ (9B,C) FA: A. Davies. Dec. 2003 The route starts to the right of "Sanatorium", bouldery start, named after Rudolfs boys.
11. Clashing Ego's 20 (N,C) FA: J. Fisher. 1992
12. Nice Boys Don't Play Rock And Roll 7a+/24 (6B,C) FA: J. Fisher, retro Bolted A. Davies. Dec. 2003

Ramset Crag

Gd montaguramset.jpg

Ramset Routes - If you carry on past Legoland, turn right up to the kloof +-30 meters before the house. The first crag on the left as you walk up the kloof - it's opposite Bosch Crag.

  1. Better Than Raw 6b+/21 (6B,C) FA: D Marshal 2003
  2. Pink Bubbles Go Ape 6c/22 (10B,C) FA: D Marshal 2001
  3. Masters of Rings 6b+/21 (14B,C) FA: D Marshal 2001
  4. Time of Oath 6b/20 (10B,C) FA: D Marshal 2001
  5. Keeper of the Seven Rings 6a+/19 (8B,C) FA: D Marshal 2001
  6. Beating Around the Bush P1: 16/5a (10B,C); P2 16/5a (10B,C) FA: S Brown 2003
  7. Shot Down in Flames 5b/17 (10B,C) FA: S Brown 2003
  8. Return of the War Lord 4b/13 (9B,C) FA: C Bester 2002
  9. Second Wind P1:4c/12 (9B,C); P2: 15/5a (10B,C) FA: S Brown 2002
 10. Pass Wind 5c/17 (8B,C) FA: S Brown 2002
 11. Forever and One 6a/18 (11B,C) FA: D Marshal 2002
 12. Hannah's Wine Tour 6a+/20 (9B,C) FA: M Rehm 2002
 13. "Mad Dogs In A Meat Shop" 7a/24+ (10B,C) S. Brown. Dec. 2003.
 14. Your Turn to Break Free 6a/19 (7B,C) FA: D Marshal 2002
 15. Future World 6a+/20 (7B,C) FA: D Marshal 2002
 16. Mission Motherland 6b+/22 (8B,C) FA: D Marshal 2002
 17. Steel Tormentor 6a+/20 (8B,C) FA: D Marshal 2002
 18. Kings will be Kings 6a/19 (9B,C) FA: D Marshal 2003

Forest Crag

Hilti Crag

  1. The Fertilizer King 21
  2. Rockerfella 23
  3. Rastas 21
  4. Finger Fantasy 24
  5. Wonderlust 26
  6. Drill Thrill 25/26 Jamie Smith 2008

Skull Crag

Twin Fins

The Panel Crags


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