Descent Gulley

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'''FA''': R. Halsey & U. Pitsch 10/02/2012
'''FA''': R. Halsey & U. Pitsch 10/02/2012
[[Image:Zebra1rd.jpg|250px]] <br>
Top section of ''Shy Zebra''

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Shy Zebra (23) ***

Climbs between the two black streaks on the wall just left of the Comes a Time wall. Start up some laybacks to the left of the gulley, for about 5m, until you can traverse left across the right-hand black streak. Pull up in between the black streaks and climb straight up to the top. Consensus grading needed.

FA: R. Halsey & U. Pitsch 10/02/2012

Top section of Shy Zebra

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