Knight Rider 22 (N)

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Start: On the far right of the Knight, (2nd last buttress on the chess-pieces) there is a scoop of compact orange rock beneath a 3m roof at 25m height. Start on a higher ledge at the left-hand side of this where the orange rock meets grey.

  • P1: 22: 40m: Start up two orange recesses, a step left and then straight up compact orange rock, past an unnerving grey flake to the roof and the apparently off-width crack that breaks the roof. Power through this, then cruise 10m up the giggle-jug-crack to stance on the boat-anchors on the left.
  • P2: 16: 35m: Straight up the steepest (vertical), dappled wall on a stellar pattern of seams and juglets. Eases off after 10m. Stance at the back of a fairly big ledge.
  • P3: 15: 25m: Straight up the 8m, 20cm-wide crack on ears, laybacks and juglets. Continue straight. Upon gaining the ledge move 6m left.
  • P4: 22: 30m: Up an easy crack system (the right of two) to the roof system just inside the right-hand corner of the buttress. Left, then straight through the first dark overhang: a long stretch on some undercling crimps leads to good rails, and left into the twin cracks that break the roof. Establish an exposed position on two ledgelets, then heel-hook, jam and crank! Continue up to a stance.
  • P5: 17: 20m: About 7m left of the right-hand skyline. (Should be 1m left of stance) Start on a pedestal, past a good rail to some thin moves (delicate) and to the summit.

FA: R. Halsey and A. Hall (Feb 2011)

Knight Rider 22 (N) on the Chess Pieces