List of routes at 'Boven that need re-bolting

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Editing List of routes at 'Boven that need re-bolting

  • SUPERBOWL: Penny Royal Tea [2 anchors] Triptolactic Fairy Tales [2 anchors, multiple bolts]
  • TRANQUILITAS: Beat them Dead [2 anchors]
  • GAPER BUTRESS: The Gift [1 anchor]
  • THE FOUNDRY: Jump In The Fire [6 bolts, 2 anchors] Mercury Rev [10 bolts, 2 anchors] Smeltdown [2 anchors]
  • THE COVEN: Devil In a Cauldron [7 bolts, 2 anchors] Shout at the Devil [7 bolts, 2 anchors]
  • THE THEARE: Heart of China [Remove old chains, remove/replace 1 bolt]
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