Peers Cave

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This is a pleasant crag for the family. Dogs are allowed in the area as well. The crag generally dries out quickly after rain (one or two full days) and shade can usually be found (except during mid day). If it is not too hot, all day climbing is not a problem here. Most of the +/-40 routes are short but of very good quality, from easy slabs to hard overhangs. It is a great crag for beginners because of the ease of setting up a toprope. Grades vary from really easy to really hard

Getting There

Take the M3 from Cape Town. Drive up Ou Kaapse Weg (M64) and then down in the direction of Noordhoek. Drive past the Noordhoek turnoff, about 150m further where the road bends, you will see a parking area where the path starts. Due to car break-in's it is best to turn left at the Noordhoek turnoff (at the crossroad turn to the left) and park in the parking area.

Classic Routes

  • Ward's Walkup 19
  • Talking to the Trees 19
  • Gekko Blaster 27

Guide Books/References

Western Cape Crags by Tony Lourens


Many cars have been broken into and stolen!


Victor Peers excavated the cave now known as Peers Cave in 1926. He found nine 12,000-year-old human skeletons. Most of the climbing is around Tunnel Cave; the actual Peers Cave is further towards Fishhoek.