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* [[Spout]]
* [[Spout]]
* [[Tafelberg Main Wall]]
* [[Tafelberg Main Wall]]
== Grade Aggregator ==
At [http://www.ukclimbing.com/logbook/crag.php?id=16434&refresh=1875 UKClimbing logbook]
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Climbing TypeMulti-pitch Trad
Rock TypeSandstone
ProvinceWestern Cape

How to get there

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The best information is in the Tafelberg & Spout guide book by Tony Lourens, available from most climbing shops.

Just about the best trad climbing around!


Tafelberg is a pure trad area. No bolting is allowed at all.

There is an existing bolt and chain at the top of the ascent/descent gulley and (to my knowledge) only one old route (Oscillation) that has an ancient, hand drilled, small bolt. This in no way means that any more bolts may be placed. There are also a few old pitons scattered around but even this is seldom necessary. Modern removable gear allows virtually all climbable parts of Tafelberg to be adequately protected.


Grade Aggregator

At UKClimbing logbook

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