The Wave Cave

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The Wave Cave has steep high quality routes. Ironically, in the Durban area you climb at the Wave Cave, but surf at Cave Rock.



from left to right:

A Blonde's Life 19
Ian Manson, 1995

You Snooze, You Looze 26
Roger Nattrass, 1995

Natural Born Drillers 24
Roger Nattrass, 1995

Mickey and Mallory 26
Roger Nattrass, 1995

Love 'n the Demon 30
bolts: Kevin Tonkin, FA: Paul Brouard, 1998

Wild Sheep Chase 23
M Viljoen, 1994

Running Scared 27
Kevin Tonkin, 1995

Wake Up 23
Kevin Tonkin, 1994

Rapture Of The Steep 23
A Russel-Boulton, 1994

Pendulous Momentous 29
bolts: Kevin Tonkin, FA: David Olds, 1995

Invertigo 28
Kevin Tonkin, 1994

Sip 'n Fly 26
A gentle introduction to the cave's more difficult delights..
Ron Uken, 1994

Eros 33
Paul Brouard, 2001

The Big Mo 30
Paul Brouard, 1998

Kicked My Butt 26
Kevin Tonkin, 1994

Cyclone Central 28
Roger Nattrass, 1994

Riders in the Storm
Roger Nattrass, 1994

Slap 'n Flay 32
Paul Brouard, 1998

Gladiator 28
Andy Alcock, 1994

Numbskull 24
Gerald Camp, 1995

Paragon 30
A classic cave endurance fest.
Roger Nattrass, 1995

Anthrax 29
Roger Nattrass, 1995

The Dreams Of Sharon Tate 27

White Tinge
Kevin Tonkin, 1994

Frikkie Fish Legs 26
A Russell-Boulton, 1994

Thanatos 33
Paul Brouard, 1998

Barricade 32
The most striking and aesthetic line in the cave. Plenty of powerful climbing with few rests will leave you breathless.
Roger Nattrass, 1995

The Stone Temple Pilots 27
Ian Manson, 1995

Fat Freddie and the attack of the Killer Cockroaches 28
Ian Manson, 1995

The Eternal Suffering 25
Harley Green, 1994

Moment Of Inertia 27
Damian McHendry and David Olds, 1995

Schizophrenia 24
J Taljard, 1995

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