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Start: Directly above and to the left of the campsite one can see a thin, leftwards tending crack which leads to a grassy ledge below a steep corner. Time Warp Direct climbs this.

P1 24: 20m Climb up easily to the base of the thin crack. Climb some technical moves up and left past pitons to a small break before another thin crack, then climb this thin crack straight up to stance at a grassy ledge.

P2 26: 30m Climb straight up the steep corner for 10m until one reaches the left end of a roof. Reach up and clip a piton, then traverse right a few meters and blast straight through the roof to get established on the face above. Climb directly right and up for about 8m to stance at a small ledge.

Here one can either abseil 50m straight down to the campsite or climb an easy pitch straight up and left to join with Time Warp.
FA: Hilton Davies and Guy Paterson-Jones (Feb 2012)


EITHER walk right to the gulley between Smalblaar ridge and the chesspieces. This involves three short abseils.

OR use the DOWN TIME Rap Route

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