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ARF @ Peers Cave

Mike Scott Anchor Replacement Fund
Mike Scott Anchor Replacement Fund
Mike Scott

The ARF meet at Peers Cave on Sunday went well with about 15 skilled enthusiasts taking part with 8 healthy drill batteries. The following routes have been completely bolted and most of the old bolts removed:

1] Hey Dude [26]
2] Sunset Strip [25]
3] White Fire [27] [revived]
4] Fearless Streaker [22] [revived]
5] Africa Anything [14]
6] Visions of cosmic bloom [9]
7] Cango Stories [18]
8] Hickory Dickory [18]
9] Talking to the trees [18]

Note that Living Daylights [16], Puppet on a string [22] and Wards Walkup [19] were rebolted previously.

** Please NOTE the following if you do go to Peers Cave. On the Amadeus wall we have changed the normal lower offs to bolts over the top of the route. This means you shouldn’t lower off these anchors directly – you can but you will trash your rope over the edge.  We did this after some discussion on the Climb ZA forum and at the crag for the following reasons:

a] the chains are unsightly which is a problem for the many walkers that walk under the Amadeus wall

b] its MUCH safer to set up a toprope from the top of the wall

The idea is for you to lower off the top by means of long slings as per the attached picture and then for you to clean these off at the end of the day by an easy scramble to the top.

Andy Davies

Anchor Replacement Fund

Below – The Usual suspects — See you at the next ARF meet –
Pic’s Mike Scott collection


Mike Scott Anchor Replacement Fund Mike Scott Anchor Replacement Fund

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