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As my old blog has become quite stale and the feeling of excitement over updating it has dwindled, I have thus decided to create a new more intriguing blog, “The New Adventures of Paul Robinson.”  I feel as if this is the perfect time to start a new blog like this.  I have finished my final semester at CU Boulder and have found myself one week away from the trip of a life time.  I am leaving this country with no return ticket.  I am heading to South Africa for the next 2 months and then to Europe.  The trip is going to be a multi-year climbing trip with my girlfriend Alex.  We plan to travel the world in search of the best rock that has been climbed and has yet to be discovered.  We plan to climb in Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia, and most places in between.  I have spent the last 21 years of my life confined to one nation, the USA.  It has been amazing traveling the country climbing in all of its famous destinations while repeating and establishing climbs of my own.  And now that I feel that I have completed a great portion of that climbing it is time to make the great exploration to the rest of the world and witness that, firsthand.

The first trip is going to be 2 months spent in South Africa.  I have been to South Africa in the past and managed to climb many of the established lines of the area.  My goal for this trip is to find a new area and establish as many amazing hard climbs as I possibly can.  There is no limit to new development in Rocklands and my fingers are sweating already about the adventure ahead in just one weeks time.

This is New Adventures of Paul Robinson.  This blog is going to capture my life as a professional climber traveling the world.  There is no final destination; I don’t know where this trip is going to take me.  I cannot wait for the journey.  Stay posted for more updates along the way.

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