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Kurt Albert involved in accident at Frankenjura

Kurt Albert has fallen 18 meters from a via ferrata in Frankenjura. He has life-threatening injuries.

This report was translated from using Google Translate

At noon of the 26th September ist Kurt Albert auf der Hersbrucker Alb im “Höhenglücksteig” abgestürzt und mit lebensgefährlichen Verletzungen ins Krankenhaus gebracht worden. September Kurt Albert is on the Hersbrucker Alb in the “high chance” trail and crashed with fatal injuries were taken to hospital.

On 26.09.2010 around 12:00 clock the accident had been climbing in “high riser luck” happens at deer creek. Der 56-Jährige war in einer Gruppe unterwegs gewesen. The 56-year-old had been in a group move. Noch im ersten des aus drei Teilen bestehenden Klettersteigs war Kurt Albert aus bislang noch ungeklärten Gründen aus einer Höhe von ca. 18 Metern in die Tiefe gestürzt. In the first of the three-part ferrata Kurt Albert was for reasons still unexplained reasons, from a height of about 18 meters plunged into the depths. Er zog sich lebensgefährliche Verletzungen zu und wurde mit dem Rettungshubschrauber ins Krankenhaus gebracht. He retired to life-threatening injuries and was taken by helicopter to hospital. Bis zum Montag hat sich sein Zustand noch nicht gebessert. To Monday, his condition has not improved.

The circumstances that led to the accident, remain to be clarified. Der Sachbearbeiter für Kletter- und Bergunfälle des Polizeipräsidiums Oberpfalz hat die weiteren Ermittlungen übernommen. The person responsible for climbing and mountaineering accidents at police headquarters Oberpfalz has taken further investigations.

Thomas Plößl, spokesman for the police headquarters Oberpfalz, announced on Monday morning that no indications were observed for some external reason. The witness interviews and investigations are ongoing. The Mountain Rescue Amberg, running and Nuremberg were used in the accident.

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11 years ago

What? Google Translate needs to go back to school, “…announced on Monday morning that no indications were observed for some external reason.”

11 years ago

Kurt Albert seems to be dead. He died as a consequence of his injures:

11 years ago

Kurt Albert was the founder of the term “Red point”. Thanks for making our sport colourful!

11 years ago

Damn! not a good year for climbing.
I always remember him from a picture where he is hanging off a route dressed lederhosen with a large draught 🙂 soloing of course!
RIP Kurt

Here is a (better) English report on the accident from

According to the German Press Agency DPA and the climbing magazine Klettern, the 56-year-old German climbing legend Kurt Albert is currently in life-threatening condition after falling 18m from the via ferrata “Höhenglücksteig” in Bavaria, Germany, last Sunday.

Precise details about the accident are currently unknown but Albert was immediately transported to hospital by helicopter and his condition had not improved on Monday.

Albert is famous for his pioneering activity first in his home Frankenjura, then across the entire vertical globe from Patagonia to the Karakorum via Greenland and Venezuela. He has been one of the sport’s most important influences and it was he who coined the term “redpoint” in 1975 to indicate when a sport route has been climbed free, without the use of any artificial aid whatsoever.

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