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Day: October 12, 2010

When a farmer says “I can do it!” He means it!

Fueled by a coulpe of brandies and coke, they agreed on the terms – if Chris wins, Mark gets to pay for flowers send anywhere in the world to the value of R1000, and if Mark ends up the winner, Chris would have to sacrifice his beloved Ipod!

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Ice Protecion, A History

First manufactured by Mariner Wastl in 1958, the thin body was designed to limit the amount of ice displaced but also resulted in the screw being very weak structurally.

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Towerkop National Meet 2010 Report

In the year 1885 a young man named Gustaf Nefdt made history in becoming the first person to climb the “unclimbable” mountain called Towerkop, and in doing so also opened the first rock climbing route in South Africa.

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