Birds nesting at Silvermine Main Crag

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Tristan has kindly informed me that the Rock Kestrels that usually use Silvermine Main Crag as a nest site appear to be back. This is very cool for them, but does mean that if we want to continue climbing there we need to be aware of them and give them space. And yes, climbers in the vicinity of the nest DO in fact stress them.

Last year they nested in the vertical crack to the right of ‘Josie Get Your Gun’, and I suspect they may be in the same spot. TMNPark knows about this and Raptor experts will be going to inspect the site. I’ve asked that the whole crag not be shut down, just the relevant routes.

This has worked well in the past, with good co-operation from climbers.
In fact, this nest is usually very successful, with the chicks almost always fledgling.

It is encouraging that climbers respect nest sites in this way, and sends a good signal to TMNPark that we can manage our crags appropriately. Please let’s continue to do so.

MCSA Rock Climbing Group

Birds nesting sign

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  1. Jacques Oct 23, 2010 at 10:25 am #

    Right on Brent.

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