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When a farmer says “I can do it!” He means it!

Mark on "Girl on my mind" 6C+

A general discussion on the difficulty of bouldering between de Pakhuys camp host,  Chris Kelk and co-owner Mark Botha,  led to the two men agreeing to prove their arguments. The bet was that any problem Chris could top out in one go Mark would get 15 tries at.  Chris chose ” Girl on my mind” 6C (Plateau Boulders – de Pakhuys) for the show down.

Mark,  who has never climb before,  believed bouldering is mostly about strength and Chris, a seasoned climber,  knew that bouldering requires a tremendous amount of skill.   Fuelled by a couple of brandies and coke,  they agreed on the terms – if Chris wins, Mark gets to pay for flowers send anywhere in the world to the value of R1000, and if Mark ends up the winner,  Chris would have to sacrifice his beloved Ipod!

The big day finally came.  After a couple of warm up lines Chris stepped up to the challenge and skilfully sent (for the 100th time?) Girl on my mind!  The game was on!!  Mark,  all chalked up and feeling “weird with these small shoes on!” went down on Girl on my Mind!
He gave it his all,  but finally,  after three tries, gracefully accepted defeat!!   He agreed – “Bouldering is a very technical sport – not all about huge biceps!”

The good that came from this is that Mark is now a motivated beginner (be aware!) and Chris made somebody (?) somewhere in the world very happy with a huge bunch of flowers.

Chris showing Mark how its done

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  1. I bet Thys will do better when his challenge comes! (you can have 20 goes)

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