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Chosspile safety – Temporary Closure

Due to the recent spate of muggings at the Chosspile, a temporary closure is in place.

As you all know there is a discussion ongoing with the police regarding the picnic area and security in the area.  The thugs are at large and turning very nasty.

I’ve asked for a sign saying “Chosspile closed” to be placed on the picnic site gate.  I hope that casual climbers pay heed to this.

Please can you spread the word that the area is not safe at the moment.

I’ve contacted various adventure organisations (Chameleon Adventures, Inkwenkwezi, St Albans’ School).. to spread the word amongst those groups.

I’ve visited the Chosspile thread on the forum and I don’t see a warning there.  Please can you ask the webmaster to place a warning there.

ED:  A ‘Closed Notice has been put in place’


There is a meeting to discuss the Chosspile and the recent muggings:

MCSA JHB Section clubhouse (Corner Scott and Stirling street, Waverley) on Wed 2 Feb at 20:00 for 20:30.

The aim of the meeting is to pool resources and together find a solution to the growing crime problem that is currently the single biggest threat to sport climbing in Gauteng. We contacted the land owners and Mr Bill Murray will be at the meeting on their behalf. This is an open meeting and all are welcome. If you feel that you would like to be able to continue climbing at Choss, it is essential for you to be there…


  1. Hi I called mountain club they said we can climb at Chosspile is it okay to climb there now?

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