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V15 by Robinson at The Cinema, Topside

7/28/11 – Paul Robinson named his new problem in Cape Town, South Africa, A Simple Knowing. He’s proposing V15 for the grade, comparing it to other V15s he’s done in the past year. The line took him seven days to figure out and climb. “Well, this has been a huge mile marker for me,” he says on his scorecard. “This climb went from feeling near impossible to finally going… Tough intro section (V10) of about eight moves, and then a crazy, three-move crux section (about V13/14).”

This makes his fifth FA of V13 or harder (at least) so far in South Africa.

7/27/11 – Paul Robinson has climbed a proposed V15 near Cape Town, South Africa, that he’s yet to name. According to the Nicros Climbing blog, Robinson sent in the dark. “So psyched! 10-move cave boulder,” he said. Apparently the problem is similar to Big Paw (V15) at Magic Wood, Switzerland, but with a harder finish.

According to Robinson’s blog, he had two projects to finish before leaving: “One reminds me of a combination of the Island and Big Paw… This trip has been a huge eye opener for me. Southern Africa really is the next great frontier for bouldering.”

He plans to return next year, and hopes to visit places like Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and Botswana.


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  1. Paul’s V15 (8C) is at Magik Bloks at Topside, not at The Cinema. He’s had a successful trip to SA this year, cutloose bouldering has all the information on all of Paul’s sends in Cape Town. We’ve taken a lot of footage and the video will be coming soon!

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