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Chosspile Work Meet Report

Work meet at Chosspile
Chosspile guard
Allan Phosa, the new guard at Chosspile

The work meet at Choss was a success, we fixed up part of the upper path before Lord of the Rings Section and the lower section between the bridge and the Harry Potter Crag

Then we built a solid path with steps across the base of the Harry Potter crag where there was a lot of loose scree.  The bridge also got another coat of varnish.  So now the path is like a Roman road!  The system where climbers donated to give locals employment worked like a bomb.

Huge thanks to the following for their generosity:
Lisa Venter
Ursula Wong
Ilza Wagner
Francois Venter
Boris Zitapaskri
Robyn John
Darryl Margetts

We raised enough money to pay 7 workers, plus some to contribute to the cost of the poles and metal  rods to support the poles.  The MCSA JHB section and SA Climbing Academy covered the rest.

Also thanks to the MCSA JHB chair Dobek Pater who was there in person to lend a hand, together with Peter Speed, Richard Da Silva, Devald and Ciska Kloppers and their friends/siblings.

Chosspile work meet The access is still solid and if anything has improved.  Given (the old guard) has disappeared but Mount Amanzi have 2 individuals who currently work for them and are free on alternative weekends.  The one is called Allan Phosa (see photo above right) and the other is still to be decided .  They will let us know as there are a few who are keen and they will choose the best one.  These guys have been working for Mount Amanzi for years and are completely trustworthy and good workers.  Allan started a few weeks ago and is doing fine.  The MCSA (JHB Section) will still continue paying the R400 per month as they currently are doing to supplement their salary, but this will now be split between the new guys with the R5 per person from the R30 entrance fee as was the arrangement before.  Thus all current arrangements including the costs will stay the same except there are new guards who are part of Mount Amanzi and managed by them.
In the week unfortunately there will be no guard, but climbers can still climb.  Please  note of the new number for Mount Amanzi: 012 381 5400.

The future plan is to have the climbers park in a designated area inside the resort and cross a wide still section of the Crocodile  river (see attached) via a pull yourself across float/barge and then from the other side walk up to the climbing.

Proposed river crossing chosspile
The proposed river crossing at Chosspile
choss work meet
Path building at Choss

This will eliminate all gate issues, parking will be more secure, a bit more fun in the package with a added gentle arm warm up.  The guard will still be there with his radio.  The idea behind this is that Mount Amanzi want to expand what is on offer to their guests, so that guided groups of walkers will be coming across the river and up past the climbing (including area) at least twice a day on weekends.
We must understand that they have their interests to also consider and we have to share the crag as it is not ours.

The owners of the crag (Mr Bezhuidenhout of Rissic Estates) is adamant that nobody must trespass onto the land from the dam wall side and properly have such climbers arrested if he hears about it from the guides of these walking groups.  This will simply cause a lot of unnecessary trouble for this climber and considerably jeopardise future access and seriously piss off for the majority of the Gauteng climbing community.

Neil Margetts
SA Climbing Academy

Ed’s note:
  A very Big UP to Neil for taking the Chosspile to a better place – have a look below at what was, the progress and now a great relationship with the land owner!

RD for Chosspile


Work meet at Chosspile

Work meet at Chosspile

Choss pile work meet


  1. Briliant work guys! Thank you for all of your effort. Really wonderful stuff!

  2. Respect

  3. Awesome! Thanx a lot guys and gals! I was there for the first time at the begining of this month and was seriously impressed by the quality of climbs over there, now even more good news from the Choss. Seems it might well become my local crag as I stay close by.

  4. one love guys love climbing at chos

  5. Chosspile is one of the few crags where a serious crime related issue was dealt with head-on and touch wood it is a win-win for the climbing community and the local community. Well done to all involved, I hope in a year’s time Choss is still crime free and will be joined by more success stories at other crags

  6. Thanks for looking after the choss pile and surrounds so well. Much appreciated.

    Sandy Murray (Land owner)

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