ARF phase II – fundraising & new bolts

Raumer bolt

Raumer bolt that will be used to replace old bolts/anchors

Hi all – a while back we kicked off the Anchor Replacement Fund Phase II and we asked for donations in order to procure a new batch of bolts. Well I am very pleased to feedback that we have managed to raise a substantial amount of money for the new bolts.

Based on this we have placed an order for 500 new Raumer bolts and 110 new Raumer lower off rings.  Many thanks to Robert Breyer from CityROCK for providing us the Raumer bolts at cost. Also thanks to Simon Larsen from RAM who offered us Singing Rock bolts at cost.  The new Raumer bolts should be arriving end of June and then we can get to work replacing all those dodgy old bolts.

Many many thanks to the following people who kindly dug deep and donated to ARF.  Some of these beautiful people even donated beyond the suggested R200 which is much appreciated 🙂

B Spottiswoode
M Champanis
A von Hase
H J Grobler
P S Goddard
K Forbes
R de Decker
D Steyn
L Makovini
J L Wakeling
L de Smidt
P Olivier
N C Havenga
K & L Lancaster
B Marx
G P J le Roux
N Mostert
P Prozesky
B Olivier
W le Roux
D Carpenter
B Jennings
P Joubert
G Lipinska
J Parkes
R W Suter
A van der Heever
R Chater
Y Cloete
R Diamond
G Forbes
B Lambourne
J Lanz
P Mortimer
M J Scott
E J Smith
T Smuts
P Brouard
Uwe & Anita
L & F Hugo
D Acott
G Stern
P Price
Andrea Biffi
M Introna
David Glass
A&P McCAnn

Once again many thanks to all of you for your support in making our crags safe.

Kind regards,
Andy Davies

Anchor Replacement Fund


2 Responses to ARF phase II – fundraising & new bolts

  1. Robert Breyer May 15, 2012 at 2:39 pm #

    Well done Andy for doing the necessary legwork and R&D. I am sure that in a gazillion years, when geologists dig for oil in the new Western Cape Sea, they will find some rather interesting steel pieces firmly glued in to the local underwater boulders. As well as a still-functioning nuclear reactor of course.

  2. Andy Davies May 15, 2012 at 3:02 pm #

    They might find my steel tendons wrapped around a beer bottle too.

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