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ARF Report Silvermine Lower Crag

A happy driller is a good driller

When I got an SMS Sat morning saying it was my call to cancel ARF, I almost did!

The thought of having to go through planning another w/e outweighed my bed, which my oh so sexy girlfriend was keeping warm.

It was decided the day before that we would forge ahead whether it was raining or not.  After getting loads of opinions (and boy, are there a lot!) on which websites weather patterns where the most accurate I decided on none and went on the wing-it principle.  Which failed driving through Newlands, but hey I had my rain jacket and a good attitude.

It seems a good attitude was all that was required as the sun was shining over Silvermine. Once most of the peeps had gathered at the parking lot we divvied out the shiny new bolts and machinery!  I was very impressed at the turn out with only 4 people not coming, and additional people pitching up made for a total of about 18 people.

Andy could not make it on the day as was ill, so I took over the management side of things.  I learnt a lot and can’t wait to for next time to crank out more routes.  Time went very quickly and before we knew it was time to pack up and leave.  We managed to re-bolt 4 routes in 5 hrs.

Thanks to all (Ernesto, Craig, Arno, Hilton, Odon, Kevin, Wes, Mike, Max, Yvette, Brian, Crallan) that gave up their time to help the climbing community.  Cormac, Malcolm and Andy

Report by Cormac Tooze
Anchor Replacement Fund


  1. Nice one guys – thanks for the effort 🙂

  2. Nice one. Big thanks to Cormac & Mallie for organising this! Which routes did you rebolt?

  3. Serendipity, Rough Rider, Flakes and The Gift

  4. I must say that I had major fun doing ARF last weekend. A great combination of hanging out with great people and doing good things in great places. I highly recommend getting involved if you’ve not done so already. I also have MAJOR newfound respect for everyone who puts routes up in the first place – bolting is seriously tiring business thanks guys.

  5. Thank you all. Great Job 🙂

  6. Last weekend Cormac, Craig, Warren, Chris L, Frederico and I went and carried on with the re-bolting. Alpha and Omega was re-bolted and bolts were chopped on many routes. We are still in the process of re-bolting several other routes and chopping some very stubborn bolts. When we have a weather break over a weekend I’ll head over and chop the one remaining stud on A&O and continue with other routes. There will be a another big ARF day soon but until then contact either Cormac or myself if you want to come help on an unofficial ARF outing.

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