Climbing harness for pregant women

A new harness is being designed in collaboration with Mad Rock and Mountain Mama which will allow mothers to be the ability to climb in comfort.  This will be the first harness designed by women for women and will be available next year January.

The innovative molded padded leg loops are combined with an “X”-Strap design at mid-back that supports and cradles the torso with wide, flexible webbing. An open design through the midsection accommodates a growing belly without bunching or squeezing, while side webbing connects low and away from the chest to allow a full-range of arm motion.

Fully adjustable shoulder straps and leg loops ensure a precise fit, and tie-in at the sternum keeps everything upright.  Flexible equipment loops at the sides keep gear at easy reach.

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Rock climbing harness for pregnant women

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  1. greg Jan 5, 2015 at 11:12 am #

    where in SA can you buy this? cant seem to find it anywhere?

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