Video: South Africa, Namibia

A video featuring sport climbing in Ausenkehr (Namibia), Cape Town and Rocklands.


Guntram Jorg
Arjan de Kock
Daniel Woods
Dave Graham
Martina Scheichl
Antoine Vandeputte

Edited by Guntram Jorg

Routes / Problems:
The first ascent of Arjans NAM project Dust Monkey 8a+
Zodiac 8Aa+
Cthulhu 8A+
The Pursuit of Happiness 8B
Buoyancy Of Citrus 8A (flash)
The Midnight Barber 8A
Skobayak 8B
Black Shadow 8a+
The Amphitheatre 8A+
Born into struggle 7C
Mooiste Meisie 8B+

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  1. Ebert Oct 24, 2012 at 11:22 pm #

    amazing insperation

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