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Chosspile Work Meet 23 Feb

Chosspile Workmeet 2013

Chosspile Work Meet 23 February 2013

Chosspile workmeet
February 2012 Chosspile work meet.

Join us for a lekker path-building, litter collection and bolting meet at Chosspile on Saturday 23rd February!  Work will be on fixing up the path below Harry Potter and the steep section up to Lord of the Rings and on to Lady of Lorien.  We will start early, meet at Mount Amanzi at 8am, but if you would prefer to come later, just pitch and come through.

Please all who are keen come along to help bring all tools to insert poles as before.  If you cannot make it yourself, you can give a donation of R125 per worker from the community down the road which worked well last time.  If you want to donate a days work give me a ring on 083 669 3028 or email me on  Andrew Pedley will be re-bolting some of the old climbs on the upper cave area, and will welcome help from 1-2 experienced bolters; Andrew has a spare drill if needed.  I will arrange and manage these workers and Andrew will manage the bolting.

We also planning a braai and social gathering at the picnic site that afternoon (starting at 3:30) as it is close to my birthday.  I have arranged free access for those coming to the work meet.  If you just want to come over for the social plus a bonus climb, you welcome, but you may need to pay, the fee for 2013 will be the same as 2012.

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  1. I will be there to assist with the rebolting. I personally have no problem with the path as it is. I can get to all the crags no problem and would not like to see it developed any further. Could money that is going to be spent on the path no be better used elsewhere in the club ?

  2. Hi Colin

    Thanks for coming to rebolt. We will be focusing more on developing the path between the LOR cave and Wall of Aglarond. We also are looking at replacing the handrail on the bridge, and the bit that has gotten loose just before the bridge.

    Where else would you suggest we focus our path building? Perhaps Bronkies, Strubans? I think once a year at each of the major crags would make all the places so much better looking and less erosion. This system seems to be working, adapting it elsewhere I think would be a win.


  3. lol Colin, clearly neil wants to build a path, let them waste the cash. From a Geological point of view, neil, u building a path on scree, ur wasting ur time, unless u spend proper cash to finalize the path building forever, ull be inviting people again in 6months time to rebuild the path that u rebuilt 6 months ago.

    ur wasting time, unless u enjoy building paths, then u having a good life

  4. I think we all agree that there is no point working on the existing path, this is a crag not a mall.

    But there is NO path to Lady of Lorien, its a fully grown in disaster. So cleaning this out will be time well spent.

    Ebert young tiger, just focus on rebolting Grimslade…I will be monitoring this


  5. Wow Ebert, you really are a doos. Let’s see if you help for once instead of being negatiewe neelsie. Oh no, you won’t. You’ll be going up Mhlabatini and down Fernkloof while these people ‘waste their time’


  6. Dude, 1st year(2010) i was in choss more than 50times in A YEAR, we chopped out the tant malie path, we walked it flat, we never got mugged, now we forced to go the new route(where people get mugged, where we as students have to pay for NO MANS MOUNTAIN) on the shit path (thats not protected ever by the guard I have to pay for), thats on scree, that will have to be rebuilt every 6months, call me a doos, call me a doos in 6 months time again when im telling u ur failing AGAIN, atleast i know what time well spent is. John, grow some balls and go work on ur path, dont forget the stinging nettle the new path goes through, hear its horrible this time of the year.

    Andy, let me know when u stash the bolts, probs come do it friday

    im a doos because i can walk on a path thats already been built 5 times

  7. oh, john, im not gonna help u coz u wasting YOUR TIME. Enjoy grimsalde when its been rebolted.


  8. This is funny because you can use anybodies name to write anything:P

  9. I like guys

  10. :l another flaw in the climbza

  11. Yes Ebert posted everything, was just checking it out but then I couldnt delete what i had said:l

  12. Wtf, leave me out of this


  13. This is a public apology. Im drunk, bored and I have no friends


  14. Leave me out of this!!!!


  15. Im not even gonna try save what just happened, fcking trolls

    the REAL eT

  16. This is hilarious…

  17. The day was a success. 6 of the routes at the Lord of the Rings sector were rebolted. Shortcut.., Gandalf, Gollum, Dont Deck (3-4 bolts), Grimslade, Hobitry..Some of the old bolts and chains were pretty bad! Thanks to Colin, Greg, Dewald for sacrificing a day. Ebert, all the work has been done.

    The path team did a great job, despite the negative sentiment, the path is a hell of a lot better than it would be if now work had been carried out. Thanks to Neil and his chain gang.

    Yes the Tan Malie path was wonderful, but the land is not ours so talking about it is plain stupid. Respect the wishes of the landlord.

    Cheers all, Andrew

  18. Thats great, glad it was a success. Did u stash bolts for the bolting? Aqualung is gonna need atleast one bolt replaced, the thing is flaking its so bad. Anyways, glad all went well. Peace

  19. I’m sorry. You’re right. I now realise that I’m just another angry white upper middle class Snor City rich kid with an attitude of entitlement bigger than my… no actually, it’s bigger than anything, with some strange ideas based on very limited life experience and obviously minimal thought.


  20. Well that is good Ebert. I didn’t see you on Saturday though, you didn’t come help?

  21. Dear John



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